Water Restoration St. Louis MO

Emergency Water Extraction Service in St. Louis

The experts at E & B Carpet Cleaning know that cleaning up after a flood can be very challenging, particularly if you've never dealt with one before. Many people make the mistake of thinking they can handle the aftermath of flooding with regular household tools like a mop and bucket. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to greater issues down the road. No matter what caused the water damage—weather or equipment and plumbing malfunctions, such as backed-up wastewater or overflowing washing machines—our company has the experience and knowledge to restore your home to pre-flood conditions.

In an emergency, speedy response time is of the essence. Our professionals are on call 24/7 for emergency water extraction. We respond swiftly and come to your home with all the equipment and products we need to return your home and life to normal once again.

Flooded House - Flood Repair St. Charles MO

Professional Flood Restoration in St. Louis Prevents Mold

Without prompt water removal, the potential for mold growth is increased. This mold can grow undetected in cold and dark areas that have absorbed the water, for example, in the wood sub-flooring under your carpet and padding.

It can take some time for the presence of mold to be detected by the people who live in the home. Instead, we urge you to prevent this health concern by having a qualified service professional remove the water right away. Our staff includes qualified technicians who have experience in every type of setting. From studio apartments to mansions, commercial buildings, and apartment complexes, we can restore any kind of water damage.

Thorough and Detailed St. Louis Flood Water Removal

Our process involves many steps to ensure you get the best possible final product. The first step is to ensure that the flooding is over so cleanup can begin. After determining the extent of damage, we begin extracting the water. Our professionals use advanced technology to detect what portions of your walls are retaining moisture. Once we have determined the affected portions, we remove them and begin drying the rest of the walls.                                                                                                                                                 

We bring in powerful fans, blowers, and de-humidifying equipment to ensure all the moisture is removed from the walls and carpeting. Once we have stemmed the source of moisture and are sure there is no risk of a re-occurrence, we begin cleaning the carpets.Our experienced crew works efficiently and professionally to minimize any water damage and allow you to return to your home or workplace as soon as possible. With our thorough service, you will not even know a flood had occured in teh first place.

If you've experienced a flood in your home or business, contact us today to find out more
about our water restoration services. We can help minimize the water damage to your property in St. Charles, St. Peters, Chesterfield,
Creve Coeur, Webster, Kirkwood, Ladue, Frontenac, Ballwin, Des Peres, Ellisville, Hazelwood, and Florissant, Missouri.